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Home to the amazing Ranger Chris and his dinosaurs that reached the Semi-finals of 2022 Britains Got Talent .

We're the UK's most interactive dinosaur entertainment provider, known for the Dinomania 'live dinosaur' experience, as well as our outstanding collection of dinosaurs for your events.

Witness realistic walking dinosaurs, small interactive puppets, animatronics, fossils and replicas. We've got more dinosaurs for hire than any other company in the UK!

We even boast millions of followers online including 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and 1.5 million TikTok fans from all over the world.

Our knowledgeable dinosaur rangers have reams of knowledge to share with you! Head ranger Chris and our other rangers have done courses on subjects including paleobiology, the evolution of birds, prehistoric ecosystems and theropods, and are ready to share this information with young and old alike.


We've got over 20 dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures available for event hire or to exhibit in our dinosaur shows, including ten walking dinosaurs. Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to meet our dinosaurs!

Did you know we've got the biggest walking dinosaur in the UK? Meet Al the Allosaurus, standing at a staggering 7.3m long and 4m tall! We also have Millie our full size Triceratops.

Check out Ronnie the T-Rex, Spike the Spinosaurus, and Nancy the raptor! All reach 4m in length, and can walk, blink and make realistic dinosaur noises.

On the other end of the scale, we have some baby dinosaurs for hire, too! Kids and adults alike will love Trudy the Troodon, Pteri the Pteranodon, Bradley the baby Brachiosaurus, Chip the infant Raptor, Archie the Ankyolsaurus, Reggie the raptor and tiny Trixie the Triceratops! We even have some new born hatchlings fresh from the eggs Nibbles the raptor and Susie the stegosaurus.

We combine these with realistic dinosaur props and replica items such as eggs and bones to create a setting that looks just like how the world would have appeared tens of millions of years ago.

Watch the birth of dinosaurs before your very eyes with our hatching eggs! The newborn dinosaurs will come to life in front of you. Hold them in your hands - but mind your fingers!

For realistic dinosaurs and fossil displays, choose Dinomania. We're your team for all kinds of events and celebrations! Come to one of our Dinomania events to see for yourself!


Whatever the occasion, there's no doubt that hiring a massive dinosaur will draw the crowds in! Choose us for product launches and promos, trade shows and more.

We promise a gigantic, ferociously-fun time at your dinosaur event!


Our school dinosaur workshops are always a huge success. It's no secret that kids love dinosaurs, and our moving dinosaurs really bring the subject to life. We turn kids into trainee paleontologists, creating an educational experience they'll never forget. Little monsters will come home and talk about the fantastic day they had at school.

These dinosaur workshops offer real fossils, exciting facts and plenty of fun and games, creating an engaging and thrilling experience. Is there any better way to teach children about dinosaurs than for them to see these prehistoric beasts in the flesh?

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Promote your business or a new product with a terrifying dinosaur! There's no better way to attract attention to your business than with one of our roar-some dinosaurs. Hire a dinosaur for corporate events throughout the UK. Just get in touch with us to arrange your dinosaur today!


Get in touch with us today to come to one of our dinosaur events or hire your own dinosaur. Just use the methods below to get in touch.

Email us: info@dinomania.co.uk

Or fill in the contact form HERE

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