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Hi I'm Ranger Chris and I'm the head ranger and founder of Dinomania Ltd. I started Dinomania Ltd in 2015 with the dream of making children’s dreams come true.

From a young age I loved dinosaurs and still find the subject so exciting. To think that these magnificent creatures some so big and some small ruled the earth still makes blows my mind.

I love teaching children all about the fossils and what each dinosaur name translates into and taking our dinosaurs all over the country allows us to bring this subject to life.

My favourite dinosaur is the Spinosaurus and love how it would swim around hunting for its favourite food Sawfish.



Hi I'm Ranger Andrew but most people call me Ranger Andy I joined Dinomania Ltd in 2018 and I've been helping to handle our dinosaurs ever since!

I love to assist Ranger Chris in helping bring the subject of dinosaurs to life. 

I also get to look after Trixie our triceratops, but my true favourite dinosaur is the Therizinosaurus and it's super long claws.



Hi Im Ranger Thom and I love being a dinosaur Ranger.

My favourite Dinosaur is the Parasurolophus just liker our friend Percy. I love helping bring Percy to life and traveling the country with the Dinio4hire team. 

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