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Welcome to Dinomania Ltd! I'm Ranger Chris, the Head Ranger and Founder of Dinomania Ltd, where we turn children's dreams into reality since 2015. My passion for dinosaurs dates back to my childhood, and it's a thrill to share that excitement with kids today.

Dinomania Ltd offers an immersive experience, taking children on a journey into the world of fossils, unraveling the meanings behind dinosaur names, and showcasing these magnificent creatures that once ruled the earth. Our mission is to bring this subject to life, and we achieve it by taking our dinosaurs on captivating journeys across the country.

As the founder, my favorite dinosaur is the awe-inspiring Spinosaurus, known for its aquatic lifestyle and unique hunting techniques, such as preying on Sawfish.


Hello, I'm Ranger Andy, your go-to dinosaur handler at Dinomania Ltd since 2018. Assisting Ranger Chris, I play a vital role in bringing the fascinating world of dinosaurs to life. While I love working with all our dinosaurs, I have a soft spot for Trixie, our triceratops.

My personal favorite dinosaur is the incredible Therizinosaurus, renowned for its elongated claws. At Dinomania Ltd, we're committed to creating unforgettable experiences and making learning about dinosaurs both enjoyable and educational.


Greetings! I'm Ranger Thom, and being a dinosaur Ranger is a dream come true. My favorite dinosaur is the enchanting Parasurolophus, much like our friend Percy. It's a joy to be part of the Dinio4hire team, helping bring Percy and other dinosaurs to life while traveling across the country.

At Dinomania Ltd, we are dedicated to spreading the wonder of dinosaurs, making it a fun and educational adventure for children everywhere. Join us on this exciting journey with the Dinio4hire team!

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